These 10 Common Myths About Blogging Stop You From Growing

Many Call Them Myths, I Supposed Them NewBie Blogger Beliefs.

Yes. Many Newbie Bloggers Has Converted Myths into Believe and Tended To Fails at Early Stages of Blogging.
They Think To Become a SuccessFul Blogger They Need to Write Blog Post Every day. NewBie Blogger Believe They Have To Write Long Post To Rank No#1 in The Search Ranking.Blah..blah..blah.

If You Too Thinking Same Then You Are Doing Blunder With Your Blog.Stop..Stop..Blunder Here I Mean You Are Doing Injustice To Your Blog By Believing Those Myths.

Today I am Going to Debunked All the Top Myths About Blogging Which Stopping You From Growing.



        Myths#1.You Have to Post Every Day.  

You Have To Post Every day To Succeed in Blogging Profession is Totally Rubbish.

     Yeah,Blogging is Not About The Frequency in Which You Write or Post,It is the Game Of More Than That.


Somewhat Than Posting Every Day You Have to Post Quality Content Which is EverGreen.Here EverGreen I Mean The Post Which Can be Relevant After 2 Years or 4 years Posting.

You Can See Post Written By Me like 10 Ways To Make Readers Fall In Love With Your Blog Can Be Relevant After 3 or 4 Years or maybe Long.

There is Nothing Wrong in Posting Every day.If You Can Able to Write 1 Quality Post Every Day,365 Post a Year Then You Are Definitely My Saga.Yes, I Can’t Able to Do That and Yes Many Succesful Website Owners Can’t Able to Do that.If You Can Then It’s Great.

Well-informing and Quality content is Very important in Google’s eyes, as are a decent number of images and strong internal links.

There are 1,52,000,000 Blogs in The World.You Will be Surprise To Know That 178,200 Blos Are Created EverDay,Yes EverDay 178,200 Blogs Are Created.So To Standout Between Them and Survive, You Have to Serve Quality Content.

So To Standout Between Them and Survive, You Have to Serve Quality Content.
Checkout Various Blogging Facts Under Infographics.

blog facts


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     Myths#2. You Have to Be An Expert Writer.


There is Huge MisConception Among NewBie Blogger That You Have to be an Expert Writer to Become SuccessFul Blogger.No Need to Worry, There is No Such Theory.

But There is One Must Thing,Ideas Which is Must For You.You Must Have to Be Post Ideas.There is Various Tool Which Will Help You to Write Better Content.

Surely It Will Help You If You Know Little Bit About Writing Skills.You Must Have Confidence You Can Do That.Then You Can Do That.For Getting More and More Confidence Just Keep Writing.Writing.Writing…So On…One Day You Will Be An Expert Writer.

As A.L Kennedy Said “Remember you love writing. It wouldn’t be worth it if you didn’t. If the love fades, do what you need to and get it back. Remember writing doesn’t love you.”


The More You Write,More You Shine.Keep Improving With The Time.
Before Writing Try To Gather Data Which You Can Find on Various Platforms Like, or any Other Websites or Journals That Deal with Your Niche.

Know The Subject Very Well Which You Are Writing.That’s What’s Required To Be EXPERT?

writing quotes


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      Myths#3.Only Long Long Posts Get No#1 Search Ranking.



There is No Doubt That Long Post Get More Visitors and More Shares.But Only,Yes Only Long Post Get No#1 Search Ranking is Totally Myths.
I will Give You a Various Proof of That.You See Post With 400-700 Words Post Also Get No#1 Rank in Search.

You Can See Under This Screen Short.i Searched For Keyword Density Tool And i Got Only Post With 484 Words are on The No.7 Position on The Google Search Rankings.So Lenght of The Post Doesn’t Matter. I Will Give You Thousand of Examples Where i Have Seen only 500 Words Post are on The Google Top 10 Search Rankings.

google search

Google Search Rank Depends on Upon Various Factor.Some Of Them:-

1.BackLinks Remains The One of The Major Factor for’s better to get 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from the same domain.
How Long Will It Take You To be in Top 10 Search?
Low competition –If Competition is Low in Your Niche and You Follow Best Consistent Strategy Then It Will Take Up to 2-4 Months To Rank In the Top 10 Search Results.

Moderate competition-if Competition Is Moderate and Blog Has No Major Site Issue Then It is Reasonable To Expect 6-7 Month To Take Up In the Top Search Rankings.

High competition -Due to High Competition.It Can Take Up to 12-14 Months and Possibly More Than Year to Achieve Desired Result.

Note:-Search Ranking Based On The Various Factors but Above Mentioned is a General Rule of Thumb.


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        Myths#4.Blogging Means Writing.  

Newbie Bloggers Believe That Blogging Mainly meant For Writing but it’s Totally Wrong.Writing is Only a Part of Blogging.

Blogging Needs Promotion,Response,Engagement,Authority,Smartness,Time management,implementation and Definitely Hard work.

So Clear Your Misconception and Make a Change Your Attitude Toward Blogging.

You Can’t Just Write and Get Done With Blogging Success.Millions and Millions of Post Are Written Ever Day.Build a Concrete and FullProof Strategy to Market and Promote Your Content To Seen in a Such a Crowded Content World.


It’s Your Responsibility to Make Someone Life Better and Meaningful Through Your Blogging.Blogging is all about curation and invention.

Blogging is all about curation and invention. Click To Tweet


You Can Follow Various Strategy to Promote Your Post. Various Social Media Channels,Words of Mouth,Visiting Cards,Ads,Guest Post, and Many More Way You Can Promote Your Blog Post.

Follow Alternative Day Strategy To Write and Promote Your Blog. Alternate Day Strategy Here I Mean Write Blog Post One Day and Keep Promoting on Full Next Day.


That Means Spend Full 15 Days To Write Your Quality Blog Post and Full 15 Days To promote Your Post.

By Which You Can Write 15 Quality Post a Month Which is Enough For Any Blog to Success. If You Able To Write 15 Post With 2000+ Word Post Every month and promote it With Good Strategy Then I am Sure You Will Rock.


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      Myths#5.Too many plugins can Slow Your Blog Speed  

According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%.

Research conducted by Akamai found that 47% of people expect a web page to load in less than two seconds and that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

When to Comes To Number of Plugins Affects on Your WordPress Blog Then It is Totally Ridiculous to Say that More Plugin Will Decrease Your Site Speed.


There May Be a Case Where You Have Installed Bad Coded Plugin,But If You Installed Good Coded and well Established Plugin by Famous Developer Then Number Doesn’t Matter Whether It is 30 Plugins or 50 Plugins.
You Can Check Your Plugins Performance Through P3 Profiler Plugin.It Shows Total Breakup Of All the Plugins Effects.


You Can Decrease Your Blog Speed Through Various Mediums.These Are The Few Awesome Some Tips Which Will Decrease Your Site Speed Dramatically.

1. Choose a Good Hosting Provider.

Yes, Your Hosting Provider Can Affects Site Speed.Well Established WebHosting Provider Like BlueHostHostGator, SiteGround, WebHosting Hub Are Providing World-class Hosting Services.

So Choose Intelligently Your Hosting Providing Provider Before Regret.


2. Use an Effective Caching Plugin.

Cache have Moderate Affects on Your Site Speed.Install Plugin Like W3 Total Cache,WP-Super Cache.It will Help You to Minimize Your Cache and Increase Blog Speed.
3.Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

CDN Is Very useful Your Blog.CDN is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from website providers based on the geographic location of their user.


CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.There is various Free CDN Provider But Best of Them is Cloudflare(Which I am Using).

Cloudflare also has Paid Plan but it is better to Start With Free Plan.
4. Optimize images.

You HaveTo Optimise images to Load Faster.You Can Use Plugins Like Seo Friendly Images to Optimize Your images and load quickly.You Just Have to Install Plugin and It Automatically Starts Optimizing Your Blog Images.
5.Optimize your WordPress Database.

Data Optimisation is Prolific Changes You Can Cart To Your Blog.There is a large number of Database File Have been Created Unintentionally Which Never Noticed Around.Always Keep Your Database Optimized By Installing WP-DB Manager Plugin.
6.Control a Number of Post Revisions Stored.

When You Write and Edit Your Post There May Be Number of Post Revision,Which Will Create UnNrcessary File and Data to Your Blog Directory.You Can Control Your Post Revision under 2 or Maximum 3 Times.Install Revision Control Plugin from WordPress plugin directory and Go to Plugin Setting and Keep Your Post Revision under 3.

By Following Above Tips You Can Decrease Your Blog Speed Dramatically.



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      Myths#6.More Numbers Of Comments Means Better.  

There is a Huge misunderstanding among Newbie Blogger That More Comments Means Better.There is No Such Formula in Blogging.There May Be a Case Where Your Best Post Get Few Comments and Your Least Viewed Post Get More Comment.Never Decide Your Blogging Success With Comment Grade.



     Myths#7.Don’t Monetize Your Blog From Day 1.    

This is Totally Rubish When Any Expert Blogger Told You Never Monetize Your Blog From First Day.
Don’t Beleive Them.Keep Writing and Monetizing Both at a Time.Why You Even Loss a Penny When You Have Opportunity to Gain.
Before Monetisation Consider Few Tips:-

#1: Choose your Monetization programs Very wisely. Don’t sign up for every affiliate program or Monetization Programme It Will Make Your Blog Looks Like Ad Agency.

#2: Don’t just focus on creating new content and Keep Posting.Watch Carefully Your Statistics and Find Most Popular Post and Start Monetizing It To Get Maximum Return.

#3:Try Only Well Established Monetization Method Like Google Adsense,Infolink.


     Myths#8.You Can’t Write a Blog Post in Two Hours.  


Yes,You Can.Writing a Post in a Two Hours is Not Impossible.Today I Will Discuss Various Tips and Method To Write Quality Blog Post in Just Two Hours.


A Survey Conducted By Hubspot Revealed That Blogpost Of 500 Words Take Different Time On Different Region Of The World.But on an Average Most Of The Bloggers Take 1-2 Hours To Write 500 Words Article.


You Can See In this Image Different Region Has Different Data.

((Asia-Pacific (APAC) ,Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA),Latin America (LATAM),North America (NORTHAM)).


I Am Discussing Very Useful Tips Here For How To Write Blog Post in Just 1 or Two Hours Which i’m Following Since 1 and Half Year.
1.Create a Clear OutLine of Your BlogPost.

You Have To Create a Rough Idea or Scratch About Your Post.
On What Topic You Are Writing?, Who is Your Target Audience?.How Longer Your Post Will Be?

Ask yourself First, “what story am I telling myself?” If your story is that you “can’t write,” you won’t write.


2.Gather Facts About Your Post.

Any Article Backing With Facts is Quality Article.Gather Facts and Finding Relevant to Your Post.

Very Handy Website From Where You Can Gather Your Facts:

Publication-Check Various Online Publication,News Related to Your Niche,Journals.These Are Great Sources For Writers. to and Just Enter Your Search Keyword Item,Like Digital Marketing,or Marketing and Hit Enter.

The issue is Very Useful and Powerful Handy Free Online Publication Search Journal.Just Click on Cover and Enter into Magazine and You Can See Various Related to Digital Marketing.



3. Write Down Quick Intro Of Your Post.
Write intro in a Way Such That:-
State the topic you’re Writing with. Before anything else, Your reader Must Have to know what he or she is reading about.

Discuss Why Topic is important.Explain Your Reason in such Way That He or She Will be Encourage To Read Your Whole Article.

Make a Rough of a game plan for the article. Tell the reader where you’re going in the content that follows.


4. Stretch Up All Relevant Facts You Gather Above With Explanation.

Explain All The Heading and SubHeading Relating With Facts and Finding You Gathered.



Writing is an Art and all about Your Creativity Otherwise You Will be Lost in Ocean of Blog.So Write Like an Expert Supported By Facts.


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      Myths#9.You Will See Results in a 6 Month.  

AnyBody Telling You That Write Quality Content And Long Form Of Content With High Authority Blog Backlinks Then You Will result in 6 Months Then Definitely They have Misguided You.

In Such a Crowded Blogging World You Cannot Get Success in just 4 or 6 Months Of Blogging.


Did You Believe Geraldine Blog About 2 Years and Didn’t Recieve Any Amount of Even Decent Traffic? On Her Blog EveryWhereist She Write About Travel and Her Personal Life Experiences.
Everywhereist traffic went back to what it had been previously those spikes and stayed there for a while. As She says, most personalities would fall up at that point.









So Never Think To Give Up Blogging it Takes Time and You Will be Pleased To see Your Blogging Success After That Gross Period of Blogging.

       Myths#10.Post Massively on Social Media.  

I Have Seen Many NewBie Bloggers Keep Promoting 4-5 Times a Day On Various Social Media Channels.
Everything Beyond Limit is Not Good.

Your Followers Will Be Irritated By Your Over Posting and There is Chance You may Lose Your Potential Reader.
ResearchConducted By Bufferapp shows that likes and comments start to decline if you post too much on the Social Media Channel.

The ideal numbers are of Posting are:-

♦3x per day for Twitter.
♦2x per day for Facebook.
♦5x per day for Pinterest.
♦1x per day for LinkedIn.


in general, You should dedicate a post or two per day to the Social Media Channel. If You able to Engage Your Followers or Likers they’ll do most of the Work by Sharing Your Blog Posts with Others.

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Thanks For Reading Friends.Let Me What You Think About Above Blogging Myths.or What Blogging Myths Still You Are Believing Let Me Know Via Comment.



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