How Blogging isn’t As Hard As You Think( My Personal Experience)

I am 100% Sure; You will agree When I Will Say Blogging is Very Tough. Yes, I Know, It is very Tough These Days to Getting Success in Blogging Career.But it’s blogging is Easy Yes, Easy, If You have Patience and follow some basics.

But Don’t Worry I Promise I will Give You Simple 5 Points Which Helps You to Get Blogging Success.


Is blogging not a Difficult thing? It sounds the bit harsh for those blogger’s who failed in his/her blogging life. Today I Will Share My Almost 2 Year Blogging Experience With You Friends. Yes, Blogging is not Hard and Difficult Things to succeed if You Put Things in a Right Manner in a Right Time with Right Approach.


Do You Think to Get Success in Blogging You Have to Make lots of Backlink?, Lots of Content?, Lots of Blogging Friends? Lots of Promotion? Lots of Money? Very Long Content? Blah…Blah. Then You Are Wrong Friends (My Personal Experience While Managing 6 Niche Blog).


But Only Things You need to Get Blogging Success is HONESTY?. Yes, Honesty regarding Writing, Honesty regarding Content, Honesty Not to Cheat Google or Other Search Engines.

Now, I am Going to Break All My Experiences into Pointwise Form Friends. In My Personal View If You Consider Below 5 Points, I’m Sure You Will be Successful in Your Blogging Career.


 1.Don’t Try Too Much To Build Backlinks. It’s Easy.


You are commenting on every blog to build backlink, posting your blog post link to every discussion forum then it’s time to stop. 5 Quality backlinks can ruin by just one bad link. So you must be careful while building backlink.

Only Quality backlinks are considered to be good by Google. So next question arises,


What is Quality Backlinks?

Quality backlinks meant by Links:-

  • From a Relevant Sources.
  • From a trusted source.
  • In Content.
  • That Sends Traffic.
  • With Exact/Phrase/synonym match anchor link text used.
  • On a page with Page Rank.
  • Not reciprocal(i.e., Link Not Exchanged).


Always Post Good Problem Solved Content On Your Blog, I’m Sure You Will Get Natural Backlinks. Backlink Building is a not about any short term tips or tricks. It;s a long-term strategy.

As Google’s Matt Cutt Clearly Says Here, Negative Seo Will Kill Your Blog. Check out below Video’s By Matt Cutt.


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2. Don’t Add Too Much Ads.


Think About the Situation Where Blog Is Filled up With Ads, Ads, and Only ads. Did You Ever Re-visit those blog? I Think.


It’s Bit Much Annoying. Put User Usability always on top. Think More About User Rather Making too much Money. If Your User is Happy, You Will make priceless Money.

Make Your blog mobile friendly and easy user Navigation. As One Survey Say, 96% of Smartphone user encounter a site that wasn’t optimized for mobile(Source).

Don’t put any pop-up ads on your blog it will hurt your user experience.

And 48% User Feel Frustrated By Seeing Too many Ads on Blog or website they are visited.

readers is important



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3. Focus More on Creating Content and Promotion Rather Than Others Irrelevant Stuffs.


Last Things Which will let you to Gate of Successful Blog Door is Your User. Then Obviously Question Arises in Your Mind is What Will You Get Your Reader?

By Writing Quality and Problem Solving Content and No.2 is Promotion. So Put Your Most of The Efforts on the creating more and more content and promote those on various channels.

A blog that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that posted between 0 – 4 monthly posts.(Source-Hubspot).



Write at least 15 High-quality post a month. The more pages you have, the more Google love you to index in the search.

There is thousands of blog which are writing on the same topic or niche on which you are going to write.

How can you beat them?

The Answer is: – By Writing regular quality content and promotion.

Yes, Writing frequently is bit arduous task. As Per Survey Conducted By Orbit Media Only 3.3% Blogger’s Publish Blog post daily.

Always follow the formula of “Write,” “Write” and “Write.”





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4. Don’t be Demotivated.keep patience.


Patience is the backbone of blogging. Never lost patience when you not able to attract traffic. Wait at least 8-12 months to see some visible change in traffic.


patience quotes to motivate



Keep a Note for all the important things you learned today and what you are going to do tomorrow.

Make a Self-regulated routine so that you can follow your daily habits. Try to do small things at a time rather than dreaming big thing in a short period. Write at least one article daily. Build at least one quality backlink daily if you can, if not then it’s ok. After some time you will get automatically. Just focus on regularity and quality.


5. Never Try To Cheat Google.


I have Seen various Genius bloggers try hundreds of things to trick Google. Cheating regarding spamming to build backlinks, over promoting on different sites.

I had seen one blogger friend who messaged me Hey I have written one very quality articles of 1500 words and I want to rank No.1 on the google search? If you have any tricks, please let me know.

There is no such short cut way in which you can rank on the No 1 spot. It takes time and hard work. Just Do Best from your side and leave on google.

My Others 5 Niche Blogs Various Post Tended to Rank No 1 to 3 Position for Targeted Keywords in Google.

I Do Only below 6 Things Rank On the Google no 1 or No 2. Position. And tips are very basics.

1.Write Your Blog Post title catchy with including Targeted Keywords.

2. Write good Meta Description within 160 Characters.

3.Write At least 1100-1250 Words Post.

4.include At least 4-5 Images in Post.

5.Include At least 3-5 inbound Links under Post.

6. Include at least 2-3 External links to various authority sites including Wikipedia.

That’s it. There is No Need to Do Any Advanced Things to Perform Better in Google Search.



Very Useful Article:-


If You Have Any Advice, Doubt or Anything to Say. Feel free to Comment.




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