How To Become Incredible Quality Blog Writer

There are 2 Billion Blogs In the World and 178,200 Blogs Are Created EverDay,Yes EverDay 178,200 Blogs Are Created.So To Standout Between Them and Survive, You Have to Serve Quality Content.

There are Millions and Millions of Blog Writer,Writing Almost Every day or Week.Can You Imagine Till Date How Many Blog Post Have Been Already Written? No,This is Totally Beyond Imagination.

Almost on The Every Topic,Every Subject Blog Post Have Been Already Written Before You.

How Can You Beat The Post Already Written? There is Only Way To Beat Them is “With Superior Quality”.

You have To Become Quality Blog Writer To Stand Between Such Crowded Ocean Of Content and Writer.

As Famous Writer Stephen King Says,

 “Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enrich your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy.” 



Today I am Sharing With You Very Useful Advice and Ideas on How To Become Incredible Quality Blog writer?.So Just Hold on and Read Whole Post Friend.There Also Best 10 Tips as Bonus For You To Become Confident and Quality Writer.


      1.Don’t Worry Too Much To Become Grammatically Correct.  

The writer isn’t a Buddy Only Who Write 100% Full Proofed Grammatically correct Article.

Quality Writer is Person Who Write To Enhance Others Life By Providing Best Ideas,Best Way To Do something and Try To Brightened And Add Value To Human Beings Life To Live and Think Better.

Your Message and Ideas Didn’t Always Have to Wear Tie and Lace Shoes To Become Perfect.

Try To Understand Your Audience and Add Value To Them Rather Than Being Grammatically Correct.

Always Write What Your Audience Love.Never Try To Show a Smart Grammarly Correct Guy With Your Writing. Show Them a Smart Ideas Guy Who Can Provide Value to Their Life.


     2.Donot Be Too Much Assuming.


Yes,Everything Beyond Limit is Not Good For Your Blogging Career.I Have Seen many NewBie Blogger Who have Not many experiences About Writing,Assuming too Much.I assume that You Assume that,They assume That Blah.Blah…

Be Real,Be Real Authentic.Write Straight What You Want To Tell Your Readers.

Don’t Try To Dress Up Vocabulary or Your Grammer.Present Real Facts.Write Short Sentence Rather Than Explaining Like Essay.



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    3.Write At least Every Day To Master The Art.

You Already Know About The Quotes “Practice Made Man Perfect”. Write Every day.Write When You Have Idle Time.

Daily writing Dramatically Increase Your Communication Skill.By Daily Blog Writing You can Master The Art of Presenting Ourselves and Self Expression.

Every day writing Helps Increase Your Typing Speed Which Will Help You To save Your Time Through Blogging Carrier.

 There are Various Benefits of Every Day Writing Few of Them:-
♦ Helps You to Vocabulary Maintenance and Expansion.
♦As Study Reveal’s subjects who reflected on the good things in their life once a week by writing them down were more positive and motivated about their current situations and their futures.
♦Writing Daily gives you the power of perspective.
 and Much More…




     4.Take Conventional Risks.


Take Risk Not Huge Only Conventional That You can bear Your Criticism.You have To Break the Rule of Old Style of Writing.Develop Your Own Style of Writing to Getting Unimagined Success in Blogging Carrier.

As Stephen King Said ” Fear is at the Root of Most Bad Writing”.


Every SuccessFul Blogger Have Their Own Style Of Writing.Never Copy Anybody’s Else Style of Writing.You Will be Only Known By Your Own Brand.


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     5.Take a Break on Regular Interval.


Break Is Very Crucial Thing When You Keep writing Ever Day.

One Productivity App that Tracks Employees’ Computer Use, Study the behavior of its most productive workers. The Highest-Performing 10 percent Tended to Work for 52 Consecutive Minutes followed by a 17-minute Break. Those 17 Minutes have often Spent away from the Computer.

So,Break Is Very Necessary for Writers To Become More Productive.It will Relax Your Mind and You Will be 100% Charged Again When You Come On To Your Computer Screen After Break.



       6. Don’t Feel Stucky

There is No Such Any Concrete Communication Formula Which You Must Have To Follow While Writing.Always Start With The Communication Style You Are Most Comfortable With.


Many NewBie Blogger Get Stuck When Writing Because They Have not Done Enough.They Hava not Sat At The Computer Screen and Made Writing Habit. I Have Received Various Email NewBie Blogger Tended to Write 500 Words Blog Post and Declaring, “Oh.I Will Never Write Again,No,Definitely Not Me!!”.

Whenever You Feel Stuck Use a Voice Recorder To Record Your Article or Walk and Talk Things Out or You Can Also Chat With Your Friends.


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     7.Avoid Any Kind Of Distractions While Writing.


Distraction Can Kill Your Writing.Yes, You Must Have To Avoid Any Kind Of Distraction Otherwise, It Will Block Ideas and Imagination While Writing.

according to Daniel Kahneman. In Thinking, Fast and SlowThere Is Two Brain System That Control Our Attention. One is Automatic and Other is Reflective System.



Here is Illustration How Both System Works.



Here is Few Tips By Which You Can Beat Distraction While Writing Your Blog Post.

⇒Identify the problem-What causes you to lose focus? Is it fatigue, hunger or a Twitter or Facebook addiction, Figure out the issue is the first step toward trying to Solve It.

Plan ahead- Write down what things need First to get done or what you want to accomplish.Like You Have To Write 500 or 1000 Words Post In one Sitting or Maybe Less or More. Setting Clear Cut Goal can help You stay on track.

Meditate- Many Researchers and Scientists have Observe that Meditation May Intensify Certain Brain Functions Linked to Attention. 


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    8.Take Your Blog Post Writing Seriously


Take Your Blog writing Very Seriously Otherwise Your Blog Reader Don’t Take You Seriously.If You Don’t Believe in Your Blog Writing Act as Your Profession Then You Are Going Knowhere and You Are Just Wasting Your Time On Blogging.

Because There is Very Tuff Competition,you Only Beat Big and Professional Established Blogger By Your Seriousness and HardWork.




     9.Read More and More as You Can.


How Can You Write on Subject Which You Don’t Know AnyThing About?.More You read ,More You Know,More You Know,More You Can Write.

You Must Have To Know Everything About Subject on Which You Are Writing.Otherwise, Half Knowledge About Subject Left You Know where and Your Reader Too.

Learn from different Successful Blog writers  by reading their work,and ask yourself what you can learn from it.


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      10.Always Find Ideas and Various Ways to Grow.


No One Become SuccessFul blogger When They Stop Growing Himself.Always Find and Create Opportunity To Grow.No One is Ever 100% Perfect in Life,There is always Room For Growing.

Don’t Ever Think You Have Very Famous Blogger and You Don’t Need To Learn From Others Writers. Even NewBie Blogger Can Teach You a Some Thing Valuable.

Put Out a Strategy and Follow a Big Name In Your Niche and Always Watch His/Her Behavior,How They Present Article.How They Get Success and Much more.


Thanks For Reading Friends.Let Me Know Via Comment If You HAVE Any Suggestions or Advice or Recommendation.Thanks Again For Reading.




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